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GEMCO - Pelletizing Dies & Machining
Providing Quality Service & Products Since 1950
Machining Fabrication & Assembly

Try GEMCO For Your Next Specialty Job
Specialized Drill
Dependable, Reliable and Quality Service for over 1/2 Century

GEMCO has evolved from doing small specialty jobs in the early years,
to doing a large volume of business for the Marine Industry along the Texas Gulf Coast and, on to the Patenting, Marketing, and Manufacturing of a Medical Device.

Next came the Industrial booming along the Gulf Coast, which GEMCO was fortunate enough to be a part of, and on to global products and services.

GEMCO has extensive experience in fabrication and machining of parts and components such as:

  After-Cooler Tube Bundles
Bearing Adapters and Brackets
Breaker Plates
Casing Rings
Catalytic Charging and Discharging Machines
Cutter Hubs
Drain Valves
Marine Industry Repairs & Refurbishments
Pelletizer Knife Grinding
Polymer Mixers
Shaft Sleeves
Valve Bodies
Valve Stems

Our Equipment
  Bead Blaster - Glass
CNC & Manual Lathes
CNC & Manual Mills
EDM - Sinker Type (80" X 49" X 28" tank)
Grinders - (inc. 66" Horizontal Rotary)
Iron Worker
Pipe Threading
Presses - Drill & Brake