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GEMCO - Pelletizing Dies & Machining
Providing Quality Service & Products Since 1950
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After residing and growing on the same City block in Port Lavaca, Texas for 55 years GEMCO became landlocked with no room for expansion. Our facility in Victoria sits on 15 acres.

After nearly 2 years of construction related activity, GEMCO moved into its new 30,000 square foot facility, primarily designed by GEMCO personnel, in November 2005.

We have maintained client relations in some cases for over 4 decades!
Contact the firm you can trust to provide you with a product that meets your needs and specifications.

GEMCO of Port Lavaca, Inc. dba
6611 Lone Tree Rd.
Victoria, TX 77905
Phone: 361.570.6611
Fax: 361.570.6612
Customer Service: gemco@gemco-dies.com